Vincent Ciniglio & Tina Mochon

Vincent Ciniglio and Tina Mochon have been together for the past forty years exchanging views on art and life and communicating closely through their ideas. In their words their style relies on strong drawing skills and their subjects are mysterious, and humorous in their effort to understand the unfathomable world around all of us. Ciniglio who studied fine arts at Columbia is primarily a painter of whimsical characters inspired by toy dolls. His colorful drawn paintings for this show, can be discussed in terms of the many early period Matisse works of dinners. However, Ciniglio uses much brighter, and clearer pastel tones of color and is much more abstract in his motif. Mouchon’s Composition I, for example, appears to be painted in transparent tones of greens and oranges that allude to sea life much as Rothko’s early works like the Omen of the Eagle, 1942. The partners both use high color but Mouchon’s work is abstract while Ciniglio’s is grounded in abstracted figuration.