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Eirini Linardaki & Vincent Parisot

Eirini’s and Vincent’s days are illuminated by the Mediterranean sun; its presence, as well as that Read More »

Myong Hi Kim & Tchah Sup Kim

Myong Hi Kim and Tchah Sup Kim have shared a long life together and although Read More »

Neal Adams & Andis Applewhite

The Texas-based couple Neal Adams and Andis Applewhite have counter-influenced each other’s lives and work Read More »

Phyllis Merriam & Victor Merriam

Phyllis Merriam and Victor Merriam are printmakers in both digital and analog versions most recently Read More »

Martha Dimitropoulou & Apostolos Karakatsanos

Martha Dimitropoulou & Apostolos Karakatsanos’ place of residence located at the foot of Mt. Parnitha Read More »

Cecilia Whittaker-Doe & Don Doe

Cecilia Whittaker-Doe and Don Doe live and work in Brooklyn and although their works physically Read More »

Bill Pangburn & Renee Magnanti

Bill Pangburn and Renee Magnanti. They live and work in Manhattan and met at Pearl Paint Read More »

Vincent Ciniglio & Tina Mochon

Vincent Ciniglio and Tina Mochon have been together for the past forty years exchanging views Read More »

Bill Hall & Stephanie deManuelle

Bill Hall and Stephanie deManuelle come from different backgrounds, the former was reared in Louisiana Read More »

Maria de Los Angeles & Ryan Bonilla

In the works by the Californian artist Maria de Los Angeles joyful colorful forms abound Read More »