Yiannis Grigoriadis

Yiannis Grigoriadis (1971) studied sculpture at Athens School of Fine Arts (1990-1995), and then post graduate studies at the Staffordshire University (1996-1997), his major was in video art and video installation. He has participated in group and solo exhibitions in Greece and abroad. His work studies the city and shows off the multiple readings through the systematic recording, examines the built environment as a reservoir of meanings that constitute memory, He is a member of the art group “Salon de vortex” and he has curated exhibitions and screenings. He teaches as an assistant professor in the laboratory of Plastic Art in the school of Architecture, NTUA.

The author describes his art that uses different media forms like video, photographs, and installations in Athens, Greece. He explains that his art is intended to recreate the mechanisms of understanding the city through its memories. He also looks into the political or social issues in the city to be presented in his art.


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