Vicky Tsalamata

In 2007 Vicky Tsalamata published a Livre d’artiste with the same title. The texts and the titles of the works published in this book have the names of the cities that Italo Calvino used in his book “The Invisible Cities”. Calvino creates a literary dialogue between Kublai Khan and Marco Polo. The latter presents to the emperor of China 55 cities, each with different names and each with their details and peculiarities. An utopian dream of the author. Tsalamata works on her “Utopian Cities” and presents technically advanced lithographs and digital prints. The author and the artist are both discovering one and the same artefact. The city of his dreams in the pages of the “Invisible Cities” and the city of her dreams in her “Utopian” prints. opens in a new window