Simone Kestelman

Simone Kestelman was born and raised in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has a BA in Economics from University Gama Filho, Rio de Janeiro. Simone’s work now can be found in the permanent collection of the Newark Museum of Art, private collections in Brazil, USA and Europe. Simone is currently working on a project for a Brazilian Museum in Sao Paulo.


In my work, I reflect and comment on important social issues by looking at them from a personal yet global lens. I allow my education, travels, conversations and lived experiences, including my academic studies in economics, to inform and shape how I see the societies of which I am a part. The socio-economic dimension at the heart of Brazil’s problems continue to inform my artistic development. My work is infused with an immediate and human understanding of the physical and emotional pains of injustice, inequality and abuse.

Images:  Red, 2016, 34×24, Photographs