Piers Secunda

Over the last fifteen years, Piers Secunda has developed a process for using paint as a sculptural material, free from the traditional restraints of two-dimensional application. This started in the nineties with acrylic and subsequently moved on to include a variety of industrial floor paints, the studio practice revolving increasingly around the casting of paint to record the marks and textures generated by geo-politics.

In 2008 Piers also started working with crude oil, his interest focused by the understanding that all our daily activities are facilitated by it. With persistence, he was able to make oil behave like paint, to tell the story of its own discovery and importance.

These two practices run in parallel, one derived from a modernist discourse, the other from a raw material not usually viewed as an artistic tool – both recording potent human activities of our time. Piers Secunda was born in 1976 and studied Painting at Chelsea College of Art. His work has been exhibited in galleries and public spaces in a dozen countries, alongside artists including Anthony Caro and Andy Warhol. His work also hangs in private collections around the world alongside artists such as Frank Stella and Damien Hirst. He lives and works in London.

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