Phyllis Merriam

Phyllis’s background in both art and science has fueled her passion for experimentation.  She began her exploration of color and surface as a ceramicist, layering multiple glazes onto the surfaces of her textured forms.  More recently, she has brought this love of color and surface into her current practice which combines printmaking and drawing.  She layers her drawings and prints with translucent papers, watercolors, and acrylics to create a landscape of pattern that are then used as “glazes” on sculptural forms.  In collaboration with her husband, she incorporates digital technology into her traditional printmaking practice and blogs (as thepostdigitalprintmaker), writes and teaches about how technology can be used to expand the scope of artistic possibilities.  She and her husband teach courses in 3D platemaking in print studios and at the university level and have also authored articles describing their processes in printmaking journals.  She is formally trained as a dentist, holds a Master of Public Health degree and is presently an Asst. Professor at the NYU College of Dentistry.