Peter D. Gerakaris

Peter D. Gerakaris earned a BFA from Cornell University and an MFA from Hunter College where he received the Tony Smith Prize. Gerakaris’ vibrant paintings, installations, and origami sculptures engage nature-culture themes and are showcased in permanent institutional collections including the National Museum of Wildlife Art (Jackson, WY), the U.S. Department of State Art in Embassies Program in Libreville, Gabon (Africa), the Schomburg Center, the Waskowmium, the Warwick Hotel (Bahamas), and Citibank, in addition to a spectrum of private collections such as William Lim and Beth Rudin DeWoody. Having received many awards, residencies, and fellowships, his artwork has been exhibited around the globe at the Bronx Museum, Wave Hill, Daniel Weinberg Gallery, FXFOWLE, Google NYC, Chinese Contemporary (Beijing), various art fairs such as Scope and the Doors (Seoul), iSolAIR (Cape Verde Islands, West Africa), the National Academy of Fine Arts, and the Mykonos Biennale, while also being featured in publications such as Architectural Digest, the Financial Times, and W Magazine. Additionally, Gerakaris has created a variety of large-scale, site-specific commissions awarded by Cornell Tech, The Surrey Hotel, Bergdorf Goodman, and the Warwick Hotel Paradise Island Permanent Collection (Bahamas). He has also been awarded a large-scale public art commission to be permanently installed at PS101 (Brooklyn) in 2019 through the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs Percent for Art Program.