Morfy Gikas

Morfy Gikas was born in Athens Greece. She turn toward the Arts naturally, she always had great support and help from her Mother, who enrolled her at the Athens School of Fine Arts when she was only 15 years old,where she concluded her studies in Sculpture with High Honor.After graduating she moved to the United Stages and studied ceramic at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.Returned to Greece fo 6years,she had solo exhibitions,participated frequently in groups exhibitions.1986 returned to the United States, lives and works in Long Island City,creating many art work, cooperating with New York Galleries as Anita Shapolsky Gallery for more than 20 years, with Kouros Gallery and more. Participated in Greek American artists exhibition “New Voices” at Cooper Union  Scool of Fine Art NYC, curated by April Kingsley.”Modern Odysseys” at Queens Museum NY, curated by Peter Selz and William Valerio. Hellenic Cultural Center NYC. Her work is included in many respectable art collections. She shares her time in both New York and Athens,her experience in each country have affected her approach to her work, trying to benefits from both,she makes art in a variety of materials, makes sculpture using plaster, ceramic from clay, and using acrylic,oil,lead on her work on paper or wood.