Lehna Martine Huie

Lehna Huie (b.1988 NYC) is a multi-disciplinary fine artist, cultural worker and arts educator exercising a belief in the power of multi-vocal art. Huie is deeply committed to the fusion of arts & social change as a path to liberation by exploring the past, present & future of thought, social freedom & struggle. Lehna’s educational work is centered on utilizing artistic expression as a compass for healing our world; embodying the practice of cultural critique, celebration and transformation.

Huie describes stories of love, loss and remembrance throughout the many art forms she practices. Lehna’s paintings are the result of the use of various materials on canvas, paper and wooden surfaces. Her portraits and figurative work are layered with a variety of materials such as paint, oil sticks, plaster, sawdust, beads as well as found objects – evoking a rhythm of expressive color, texture and mood. Grounded by the global community, New York City life, and the essence of her familial homeland in Jamaica, Huie is ever inspired by the extraordinary relationships and histories of the African Diaspora inherent in the land and through the people across communities, cities and neighborhoods of our world. Lehna continues her studio practice, while developing a documentary film that intimately explores the divine feminine and womanhood through individual stories of radical Black women in social justice movements.


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