Kostas Bassanos

Born in Greece, he lives and works in Athens. He studied Sculpture at the Accademia Clementina, Bologna (Italy) and earned an MA in Sculpture at the Winchester School of Art, Southampton, UK. He holds a PhD from the University of Southampton (UK) and teaches Sculpture at the Fine Arts and Art Sciences Department of the University of Ioannina (Greece). Kostas Bassanos, in his sculptures and video works, illuminates the poetic qualities of the ordinary through gestural displays. He updates the meaning of objects, words and materials by marking their sculptural dimension and activates the space as a field of open possibilities. His work draws on the subversive aspects of romanticism to question settled limits and relationships. It is a conceptual investigation of the idea of the horizon and its social and political implications in landscape and space representation through the tradition of late modernism.

Kostas Bassanos’ text based work deals with the presence of text in relation to territory, landscape and the concept of the horizon as a representation or morphological device that conditions the way we perceive, experience and represent space, either as an enclosure or an aperture, a habitat or a vast open space, a wall (verticality) or a field (horizontality).

Exhibitions (selection): Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre, Athens (solo); Fundacio Joan Miro, Barcelona; Künstlerhaus Wien; 3rd Athens Biennial; ReMap KM Project, Athens; State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki; Fondazione Mudima, Milano; Musée Européen de La Photographie, Paris, France


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