Jayanthi Moorthy

Jayanthi Moorthy an Interdisciplinary artist best known for her ephemeral drawings made with materials like sand, rice flour and spices. In her work she constantly moves between the handmade and the digital; traditional and contemporary; permanent and impermanent; art and design. This stems from her rich background growing up in the east (India) and living in the west (New York) and her multi-faceted design background where she has moved from being an interior designer to a 3D set designer followed by digital interaction designer to currently being a learning designer. As an artist-curator she curates shows that revolve around culture, woman’s art and design. Her first curatorial project Art Fast won her a grant from New York State Council of Arts (in 2017) through LMCC’s Creative Engagement grant. In 2016 she co-curated and produced a group show for A.I.R. Gallery, NY (a woman’s artist-run-gallery in NY) at the Kochi-Muzris Biennale, India. She has had solos shows at Brown University (RI), A.I.R. Gallery (NY), OED Gallery (India), Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art (NY). She has been a fellow at NYFA’s Immigrant Artists Program (2016) and at A.I.R. Gallery (2014)

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