Jaune Quick-to-See Smith

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith is an artist whose work explores Native American aesthetic traditions in contemporary art contexts. Over the course of her long and productive career, she has worked in many media, using an impressive vocabulary of techniques. She has made paintings, prints, pastels, and richly layered mixed-media works. Few artists working today are as sensitive to the effects of texts on images. Smith is skilled at creating and appropriating texts that capture the paradigms of American society in ways that reveal the cultural implications of capitalism, historic amnesia, and assignment of racial categories. She embeds her texts in a rich environment of images she creates or among images she borrows from a variety of sources, including art books, magazines, newspapers, and other print materials. By doing this, she creates complex juxtapositions that re-contextualize the ways viewers understand relationships between Euro-American and Indigenous American cultures.