Inme Lee & Unmi Her

Lee and Her are a collective duo of digital media artists. They have been working together as a collective since July 2021. We observe and collect social and cultural representations and create spaces that tell stories with aesthetic ambitions. Inmi Lee investigates the potency of art and technology to create a framework for analysis and explores built pragmatics and speculative research. Her work takes the form of kinetic sculpture, digital performance, interactive installation, and video. She has exhibited at London FutureFest, Digital Art Biennale, SIGGRAPH, ISEA, Anren Biennale, Boston Cyberarts Festival, and the International Performance Art Festival. Yunmi Her is a multimedia artist working with VR/AR, video installation, and sculpture. Her interest lies in the paradoxical relationship between individuals and society, which is portrayed as spatial installations in her work. Yunmi’s works have been exhibited in
Korea and the United States, including at the SOMA Drawing Center, Seoul Art Center, and San Diego Art Institute.


 “HERO” 20230611 04:00:00 ( Featured in Animating the New Hero)

Medium: animation built with AI and Unity
Duration: 6mins 12 seconds

“HERO” 20230611 04:00:00 is a video created by a custom-built system which, using algorithms, generates animation using visual data from the Internet.

The algorithm selects images based on popularity, image size, and quantitative media that include the word “hero” in their titles or their tags from data collected on Sunday, June 11 at 4am EDT. The system arranges and mediates what visual information is available online. The images pulled from the Internet record and represent multiple aspects of human life, culture, and society, and yet their meanings can be misconstrued when they are taken out of context.

Instead of presenting the objective definition of “hero”, “HERO” 20230611 04:00:00 displays our collective view of the word “hero” from our historical records and questions how online image data is formed in relationship to reality and
contextualization. The animation visualizes how Internet users and society at large defines “hero” through representation, interpretation, and misinterpretation.