Hwang Junghoo

Hwang Junghoo was born in Gwangju, Korea in 1973. In 1995, he stayed in France for 10 years, studying art in Saint-étienne Beaux-Arts, and living and working as a residency artist in Beijing for two years from 2015. Consistently talking about the nature of human beings, the various attributes of things, and the invisible backside, he held solo exhibitions in Paris, Beijing, and Gwangju and participated in several group exhibitions around the world. Currently, he works in Gwangju, traveling between Seoul, Paris and Beijing. It appears my storytelling regarding human nature or various attributes of objects, untold stories that are not readily perceptible have originated from the extremely simple thought of desiring to hold sincere conversations with everyone and everything I see.

Beginning from doubts about a dualism hidden behind the visible realm, I question and ceaselessly inquire into the essence of the world we live in and everything in it – everything we believe to be true, including my own sense of identity even. A human face wearing a fish or chicken’s skin, a large onion or leek nestled in an orchid pot, unexpected contents of fruit…. These could be mutants created by our society, ourselves who live duplicitous lives or oneself lost in a search for his or her own identity.