Guerrilla Girls

Guerrilla Girls is a group of anonymous feminist activist artists launched in 1985 in response to the Museum of Modern Art’s exhibition An International Survey of Recent Painting and Sculpture, 1984, which included only 13 women among 165 artists. Since its formation, over 55 people have been members. Wearing gorilla masks in public and using names of deceased female artists as their pseudonyms, they employ facts and statistics, humor and catchy visuals in their posters, stickers, and street projects to expose gender and ethnic bias as well as corruption in art, film, pop culture, and politics. The group is credited with bringing national and international attention to issues of sexism and racism in the arts. 2005 Venice Biennale opened its main exhibition with a selection of their works. Recent exhibitions and retrospectives include Museu de Arte de São Paulo, 2017; Baltimore Museum of Art, 2017; Tate Modern, London 2016; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, 2016; and Matadero, Madrid, 2015. opens in a new window