Giorgos Sgouros

Giorgos Sgouros was born in Athens in December 1973. He works as an artist and the first people to see the images he creates are his wife and two children! From 1999 until today, he has illustrated more than 100 books for children and young people, having collaborated with the biggest publishing houses and advertising companies in Greece. It also collaborates with foreign publishing houses. His work includes illustrated fairy tales, educational books among others and textbooks for the Pedagogical Institute. In 2007 he illustrated the book entitled “The Toddler Bible”. It was published in Great Britain and loved in many countries of the world. It has already been translated into fifteen languages. In 2011 he painted “Magic Flogera” in a unique transatlantic collaboration between Athens and Montreal. The creation of his images includes several different materials. Inks, acrylics, pastels, photo collages or even…ash or cotton are some of the media he has applied. Participates in educational programs and creative activities for children. Together with the children, they brought the “tale of the Bridge” to life by coordinating the children’s workshop within the framework of the “State for Children 2006” of the Municipality of Rio. For the last few years, she has been running an illustration workshop for children every Saturday at the Golden Hall shopping center…
He is a member of the “Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators”


Foulis of Smyrna ( Featured in Animating the New Hero)

A fairytale about the friendship between two girls  (one greek Orthodox and the other muslim) who lived in Smyrna before the catastrophy. The main hero is a kind cat whose name was Foulis and he became a great cook because he was following the cooking orders that were given by the grandmothers of the two girls. One day a bad rich nobel from France arrived in Smyrna and he got surprised of the smell and the taste of the foods and the sweets that Foulis was producing. So he ordered to his private guards to find the cook and the same minute Foulis disapeared because he did not want to leave the city and his friends. After a longtime of searching the two girls finally found him in an area/”colony”  whwere existed only poor cats and he had become the adorable cook for them. Finally the ugly french nobel travelled alone very ungry because he had not managed to find the exceptional mysterious cook and take him to Maseille.

A fairytale ispired and dedicated to fiiendship between people of different origin and religion, between people and anmals and especially to help and charity that Foulis the hero-cat made come true when he found the colony of the abandoned cats and he became their personal hero saving theior lifes by finding  the recipe ingridients and cooking for them.