Gayil Nalls

Gayil Nalls, reinvented sculpture over two decades ago when her world olfactory sculpture World Sensorium, formed out of conceptualism, rained down over Times Square at the millennium celebration. The medium she pioneered to create her art laid the groundwork for the genre now known as Olfactory Art. This original breakthrough was expanded with her creation of Inkblot_2, a “sculpture for the mouth” and many olfactory oriented works that followed. An artist, theorist, author, and educator, Gayil Nalls, PhD, pursues additional trans-disciplinary (art-science) work as an Adjunct Professor at University College Dublin, and as a contributing editor for Nautilus magazine and other publications. Nalls’ photographs and essay, “The Politics of Perfume Objects” was published in the book, For The Deeper Meaning: Fragrance as Medium in Art, Design and Communication  (2016). Also published that year was “Coming to Our Senses” in the book Paradise Paradoxe. Nalls’ artworks have been exhibited internationally, and are in the permanent collections of many museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art. opens in a new window