Fabiana Faleiros

Fabiana Faleiros (Born in Rio Grande do Sul, 1980) lives and works in Sāo Paulo.

Fabiana Faleiros is a visual artist and poet based in São Paulo. Her practice entails the invention of pedagogic strategies, often producing installations activated through music, video, dance and workshops. Faleiros’s performances take the shape of music concerts interspersed with theoretical and fictional speeches. After performing at parties in autonomous spaces between 2010 and 2012 in Brazil, she released an album under her pseudonym Lady Incentivo, produced by the 30th São Paulo Biennale. In 2018, Faleiros participated in the 10th Berlin Biennale with the ongoing installation project Mastur/Bar, which has toured around Latin America and Europe. The following year she was a guest professor at Escuela Incierta, hosted by Lugar a Dudas (Cali, Colombia). Since 2020 she coordinates the study group “Minha tese começa assim” (My thesis starts like this) operating in the intersection between academic writing and auto-fiction. Faleiros is the author of the book O Pulso que cai e as tecnologias do toque and has a Ph.D. in Contemporary Art and Culture from the Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ).