Edward Paulino, Ph.D

Edward Paulino, Ph.D. is an assistant professor in the department of history at John Jay College/CUNY. He has taught a variety of courses including modern global history and the history of genocide. A Latin Americanist and Caribbeanist by training he has a manuscript under review that examines anti-Haitianism in the Dominican Republic by tracing the development of the Dominican-Haitian border up through the 1937 genocidal massacre of 15,000 Haitians and their Dominican-born children under the dictator Rafael Trujillo in 1937. His research interests include: race, genocide, borders, nation-building, Latin America and the Caribbean, the African Diaspora, and New York State history. His current  research is on Latin American and Caribbean films censored by the New York State Film Board (1927-1965) for being indecent, obscene and criminal. His research has been supported by the Fulbright Foundation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the PSC-CUNY Research Foundation, and the New York State Archives.“