Don Doe

In my current series of works, I’ve vacillated between the titles “Bodies Unbound” and “Simultaneous Egos” which naturally sprouted from my previous series, “Compounded Narratives.” These paintings (I am trying to) give form to a notion of the existence of entwining identities or egos caught in a moment of contradiction, past and present; perhaps moving, de-stabilizing, transforming, or shape-shifting the boundaries of the body as if to give form to the person as seen by themselves, simultaneously perceived by others. For me, it’s as if growing towards the future self – yet in that body is both the past idealized self and future selves in tandem. These images are a way to fight my fears. The images give me pleasure: the mixed bodies trying to untangle; the beauty in the end urges questions of how the body is personal. I could say my paintings and sculptures seek to make visible my inner experience of current topics in society and they serve as a tool or process for me to sort myself out.

– Don Doe. October 30, 2022