Daniel Sollitti

Daniel Sollitti is a self taught pencil artist.  As a veteran police sergeant, Dan had the good fortune of running into his high school art teacher when she had the misfortune of reporting a burglary to her residence.  A conversation lead to the former teacher loaning Dan some books on portraiture and some drawing materials. After exhausting study of all available materials and texts relating to forensic arts, Dan’s skills were improving.  His drawing saw the most marked progress when he obtained the videos and book of renowned forensic artist, Carrie Stewart-Parks.

Dan completed his formal forensic art training under Mrs. Stewart-Parks and her husband, former F.B.I. Visual Information Specialist Rick Parks.  Dan’s training was recieved at the United States Secret Service Training Facility in Maryland.  Dan has studied 3-Dimensional clay reconstruction of a skull under forensic sculptor Seth Wolfson. He feels that education in this field is a continuing process.  Dan is also eager to assist new forensic artist who require guidance. In 2006, Dan was invited to attend the most comprehensive course of study available to police artists.  Dan completed the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s FORENSIC FACIAL IMAGING COURSE.  This intense three week course of study at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA. allowed Dan to study with some of the world’s most renowned forensic artists, including Karen T. Taylor and Betty Pat Gatliff.


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