CóleraAlegria is a collaborative action of political character. The action’s interest is to express affections, ideas, shouts, suggestions, propositions, reactions (the list is long) about urgencies of the present time. Broadly, the action seeks to re-appropriate symbols, colors, shapes and words misrepresented by right-wing speeches, but also the creation of distinct forms of political expression and manifestation. The dispositifs chosen are posters, flags and banners, which must be in circulation. On social networks, these objects move through the sharing of images alongside the hashtag #coleraalegria – which is also a signature – and any other hashtag you want to add. Outside the virtual space, the place for these “posters-etc” to exist is the bodies and subjects. These dispositifs must be wielded, manipulated, lifted, waved. This collaborative action is spontaneous, urgent, fragile, ephemeral and incomplete, but it is also from this condition that its force comes. Participants are diverse and may change over time. The action does not generate works of art. None of the posters, banners or flags can be commercialized and attention must be taken regarding the context of their presentation, thus avoiding the fetishization of objects and the emptying of their political meaning.