Chronis Spanos

Chronis Spanos studied Photography in his hometown,Thessaloniki, Greece.  He has been exploring the world of photography for almost two decades. From day one he is seeking light and form in his work. He has a strong interest in architecture and food photography, fields where he works professionally. Artistically, his work has been exhibited both in group exhibitions and in solo ones, starting from Thessaloniki and moving on to New York and Abu Dhabi. He travels in every chance, both for work and pleasure, looking for inspiration and continuing his study in the medium. Professionally, he collaborates with chefs, restaurants and food companies, pushing daily his photographs to higher personal standards and always trying to progress in his imagery. From his point of view, every building has a story to tell and every recipe is created with character, passion and imagination. Those ingredients are his challenge to be imprinted in a photograph and be presented to the viewer.