Cecilia Whittaker Doe

My paintings are derived from experience in the natural landscape, past places I’ve lived through; combining an exploration of ‘self’ and an inquisitive act of painting. There is suggested depth and a feeling of time in my paintings. It could be a memory but also something that may be happening in the future. Perhaps I haven’t yet seen this landscape; it’s invented. Maybe I’ll go for a walk and be reminded of one of my paintings. The presence, or the suggested non presence, of a weed, mud, or a flower in the landscape takes on as much importance as the “scene”. I spend my time in the studio making this thing that is the painting to find what this impulse is about; the metaphor of representation. My inner world I devise for the purpose of the viewer to have encounters with possibilities and impossibilities in the forms of ideational apparitions that have taken landscape forms.


-Cecilia Whittaker-Doe, October 30, 2022