Bill Hall

Bill Hall has been around long enough that he gained much of his notoriety as a traditional painter. Hall became intrigued with the flexibility of the digital environment and bought his first computer in 1994, a Mac 840 AV. He is so accomplished at working digitally, once his work is printed, it is difficult to tell his digital art from his oil on canvas paintings. Corel uses his work to promote PainterX, the software that Hall uses. His work is also featured in PainterXs users manual and on the splash screen when the program is launched. Wacom, the makers of the electronic tablet that Bill uses, features his work on their website and promos.

He is considered such an authority on the use of digital media for the creation of art, Hall is published in several industry How To books. These publications include The PainterIX and PainterX Wow! books by Cher Threinen-Pendarvis, Digital Collage and Painting Using Photoshop, by Susan Ruddic Bloom, and PainterX Creativity, by Jeremy Sutton. American Artist magazine featured his sports art in April 2005. Bill Hall has completed paintings for advertising agencies like Anderson & Lembke, Leo Burnett, Lintas NY, R.L. Polk, Wells Rich Green, Ross Roy and Young and Rubicam.  Specific sporting events that have used his work are: the Virginia Slims Master’s Tourney, Special Olympics, the ’94 World Cup of Soccer for both MasterCard and Mars Candy Company, the Ameritech Senior’s Open, the LG Championship PGA Senior’s Tourney, the New York Marathon, the Cleveland Grand Prix for its sponsor Pepsi Cola, and images for the World Jai Alai Federation. Plus, his work was used exclusively to promote the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo from 1998 to 2002.

Bill has completed significant projects for the auto racing industry, like a portrait of Dan Gurneys race team, a portrait of John Force, voted American Motorsports Driver of the Year in ’96, and 1999’s NASCAR Rookie of the Year, Tony Stewart. If you’re in California, Georgia or Texas, you stand a good chance of having seen some of Bill’s work first hand at the Malibu SpeedZone entertainment centers. He painted two murals to size, in his computer, for the City of Industry, CA, Kennesaw, GA and Dallas, TX locations. The mural on the outside of the building, a single yellow Indy car, measured 20 ft. x 88 ft. The interior mural is a series of life size cars racing around a track, 7′ tall by 130′ long. Inside these three Malibu SpeedZone centers you can see Bill Hall’s artwork on touch screens, activity cards, and tee-shirts. And in the year 2000, Easter Seals chose 13 pieces of his art for their sports calendar.

Other clients include: Chrylser, Coca Cola, Dow Chemical, Federal Express, Frito-Lay, Greg Norman (signed/numbered limited edition portrait), IN-N-OUT Burger/T-shirts and limited edition prints 1993 and 2003, 3 murals for a soccer park in Irving, TX, Texas Motor Speedway, Konami and Accolade Sports Video Games, Miller Brewing, Union Pacific Logistics, EDS race timing system and the 2002 International Olympic Committee. opens in a new window