Artemis Alcalay

Artemis Alcalay was born in Athens, Greece, in 1957. She studied painting at theAthens School of Fine Arts under Dimitris Mytaras and Yiannis Moralis, and set design under Vassilis Vassiliadis (1976-1981). Alcalay subsequently completed her post-graduate studies at the New York University (Master’s degree in Studio Art, 1984-1985). Painting, sculpture, textile art (weaving, embroidery, carpet design),photography and digital art, as well as set and costume design for contemporary dance, are all media upon which she draws in her work, often in combination. She regularly holds solo exhibitions in Greece and abroad, and collaborates as a set and costume designer with contemporary dance groups. She also designs hand-made carpets. Her work touches on issues of identity, personal and historical memory, and trauma. Since 2012, she has been meeting and photographing Greek Jews who survived the Holocaust. In 2016, she became an honorary member of theInternational Raoul Wallenberg Foundation.