Amy Malcolm

Amy Malcolm is a visual artist who lives in the suburbs of Chicago. Her painterly-cartoon style, was founded by commercial work as a published cartoonist, professional illustrator and through employment with DC Comics. She combines the mastery of sponta- neous line rendering with narrative inspiration to concoct visual satire. Exaggerated elements of broken and semi-covered cartoon character abstractions, de ne her Fine Art Practice. Many of her drawings and paintings are then animated. Commentary on a twenty year work history in male dominant industries of mass production, are evident within her composition. With concern for exploitation of imagery that appeals to consumer markets, her work tempts pro table goals of capitalism. In response to such vulnerabilities, she declares con- temporary agency over female form by presenting sexual allure with de ned boundaries of modesty. Amy attracts audience engagement in authentic feminine perspective, with the recognizable line construct of her cartoon based art. Amy Malcolm holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago and studied Film at Yale University.