Alexandros Papadopoulos

I never stopped since my early youth creating art with any material possible.Art for me was a way of life .In parallel , equally important was for me other disciplines ,like Physics ,Mechanics and Engineering .Therefore , i devoted a few years on my Academic education at Democritus University on Civil Engineering and Structural Theory.My research and development on arts from the early years was on metaphysical Machines , Relics, Symbols and Artefacts .This Alchemical school of thought , opened the path for me to explore the inner senses of the brain , for the endless search of human quest for the unexplained apocryphal mysteries.My Artwork is lingering on the material and immaterial world of Science and Technology with the structural appearance of multimedia and the new media , and with a narrative and a gratitude on all those Great people like Philosophers ,Scientists and Skeptics , of the Past ,Present , and the Future to come .