Aggie Whelan Kenny

Aggie Whelan Kenny won an Emmy for her work on the Mitchell-Stans trial (1974) for the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite. During her two decades of Supreme Court assignments, she drew the Warren Burger Court, the Rehnquist Court, and recently, the Roberts Court. Her work “Artist as Witness-the 9/11 Responders,” done onsite at the World Trade Center, was exhibited at the New York City Police Museum. Her many courtroom assignments have included Angela Davis, Son of Sam, Col. Orin Henderson (highest ranking officer tried for the My Lai massacre), James Earl Ray, Gainesville 8, Watergate hearings, Iran Contra, Larry Layton hearing in Guyana (part of the Jonestown Jim Jones mass suicide) Marion Barry, Jim Bakker, Robert Chambers, General William Westmoreland, John Gotti, Bernhard Goetz, Bill Cosby/Autumn Jackson, Jean Harris, Mick Jagger, Central Park Jogger, Pizza Connection, Mark David Chapman, John Hinkley, Manuel Noriega, Don King, Mike Tyson, Abscam, Woody Allen, Jerry Sandusky, and Bernie Madoff. Her work has been exhibited in the National Arts Club, the New York City Police Museum, The World Trade Art Gallery, Bologna Landi Gallery, Easthampton, NY, Stamford Art Museum, Stamford CT, Grey Gallery, NYC, The Newport Beach Library, CA, William J. Brennan Jr. Courthouse, New Jersey, Thurgood Marshall Courthouse, New York, and the Library of Congress. Her work is in the collections of the United States Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, and John Jay College of Criminal Justice.