< DECODE > Artists Policing Data

On view: November 28th, 2018-January 18th, 2019
Opening Reception: on Wednesday, November 28th, 2018 from 5:30-8:00 PM

Curated by Jayanthi Moorthy and Daria Dorosh

<Decode> Artists Policing Data looks at art as more than an end product and process. Seen together, these works offer insight into the social, economic, and political structures we live in. In a sense, the artist’s life, which is an ongoing inquiry into the world, is the artwork. By presenting a diversity of works within a digital thematic framework, visitors are invited to find their own information in the uncharted conceptual space between the works on view.

Artists have always been drawn to data, whether scientific, cultural, social or political. Not unlike investigators and scientists, they translate large amounts of information and bring attention to various aspects of the world. They transform them into an aesthetic form that can be seen, felt and touched. Artists want to be in a conversation that goes beyond their art world ghettos. They are drawn to the complexity of a modern world, which ranges from ecological and cultural issues to political surveillance, to a quest for personal and spiritual insight.

In <Decode> Artists Policing Data, artists respond to data in forms that move beyond graphs and charts. They integrate it into their artwork in provoking and sensorial ways. This process demonstrates how data is gathered and converted into new patterns that they use to understand and interpret the world. When the goal of data collection is for personal use, it offers a rich pool of possibilities for making new connections.

Participating artists:

Daria Dorosh, Hasan Elahi, Laurie Frick, Sandy Gellis, Beatrice Glow, Geof Huth, Noah Kalina, Amelia Marzec, Jayanthi Moorthy, Gayil Nalls, and Ann Pachner

For additional information, please visit the curators’ website www.decodeartexhibit.info

Image by Laurie Frick, Acrylic Friends, 2018, Installation. Courtesy of the artist