3rd Atlantic Obeah

On view from June 20, 2016, through July 15, 2016

The President’s Gallery

The President’s Gallery at John Jay College, in conjunction with the Department of Art & Music, is pleased to announce the opening of 3rd Atlantic Obeah,an exhibition of recent work by the artist and guest professor Remy Jungerman.

Personal identity and cultural locality are two themes that intertwine throughout Jungerman’s artwork through his investigation of geometric-based patterns. A child of the New World, Jungerman has inherited the traditions and conflicts of cultures and history. Born in Surinam, while Jungerman is of West African descent, he was also raised in the traditions of West Europe, thereby gaining an insight into two divergent cultures and histories. In both the patterned textiles of his Maroon ancestry and the geometric abstractions of Dutch modernism, Jungerman is able to locate influences and themes that shape his work. Rather than focus on a confrontation between two worldviews, Jungerman utilizes both to transcend time and history through the creation of a synergistic expression. His recognition and respect for both traditions, has enabled Jungerman to seek out commonalities to forge his unique artistic synthesis.