Past Events

Collateral Damage

September 8-October 21, 2016

This exhibition examines issues of rampant violence during WWII, the Vietnam War, Khmer Rouge and other conflicts where innocent non-combatants were affected. While these conflicts impacted everyone, women, children, elderly and the infirm suffered to a greater extent because of their vulnerability. Women especially were the subject of sexual assault and exploitation, and their bodies were often and still are, violated as a war tactic. The plight of women who suffered during times of conflict continues in the aftermath of war, not only because of the enormous psychological and emotional trauma that has marked them, but also the social and cultural stigma attached to their horrendous experiences.

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Woman: Mother, Daughter, Wife, Friend…

On view from September 15 through November 04, 2016

The President’s Gallery

This exhibition celebrates women and their varied roles as seen in the works of global artists. From the beginning of time and seen in mother religions, and different ethnic mythologies woman was sought out as nurturer, shaman, and goddess. In matrilineal societies, descent has been passed down through the mother as evidenced in Egypt, Sri Lanka, Northwest India, in the Mosuo people of China, the Basques of Spain and France, and in Judaism. In Catal Huyuk, Asia Minor and Mesopotamia we came across her as the mother goddess Astarte, also known as Ishtar or Inanna. In Minoan culture the female was worshipped together with the bull god and their sanctuaries were situated between two mountains meant to act as corollary to both male and female sexual Read More »


On view from July 25th through August 19, 2016

President’s Gallery

The President’s Gallery of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice is pleased to announce Stratifications by acclaimed Greek sculptor Antonia Papatzanaki. This second exhibit of the summer by a visiting professor for the Department of Art and Music includes two bodies of work: Exceeding Limits, a series of wall reliefs incorporating light, andCellular, engraved Plexiglas works in a series that includes archival prints. Read More »

3rd Atlantic Obeah

On view from June 20, 2016, through July 15, 2016

The President’s Gallery

The President’s Gallery at John Jay College, in conjunction with the Department of Art & Music, is pleased to announce the opening of 3rd Atlantic Obeah,an exhibition of recent work by the artist and guest professor Remy Jungerman.

Personal identity and cultural locality are two themes that intertwine throughout Jungerman’s artwork through his investigation of geometric-based patterns. A child of the New World, Jungerman has inherited the traditions and conflicts of cultures and history. Born in Surinam, while Jungerman is of West African descent, he was also raised in the traditions of West Europe, thereby gaining an insight into two divergent cultures and histories. Read More »