Bearing Witness: Art and Resistance in Cold War Latin America

On view from May 8, 2014- September 12, 2014

The Anya and Andrew Shiva Gallery at John Jay College of Criminal Justice proudly presents, Bearing Witness: Art and Resistance in Cold War Latin America. While censorship, kidnapping, torture, and murder became common tactics for repressive governments throughout Latin America during the Cold War, many artists from the region responded by producing poignant works of art that speak out against these atrocities. This exhibition brings together three distinct bodies of work that do so through documentation, poetic subversion and revelation.


The Brownsville Boys: Jewish Gangsters of Murder, Inc.

On view from February 8, 2014-May 30, 2014

at President’s Gallery

THE TWO PONDS PRESS is pleased to announce the release of their latest edition, “THE BROWNSVILLE BOYS: THE JEWISH GANGSTERS OF MURDER, INC.”. Twenty biographies were written by Larry E. Sullivan, Ph.D., Associate Dean and Chief Librarian at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York City. The portrait etchings were achieved and printed in color by D.R. Wakefield. The typography and title lettering were conceived by Russell Maret. The Electra type was designed by W. A. Dwiggins and the presswork was executed by Art Larson at Horton Tank Graphics. It is all housed in a chemise and box created by Claudia Cohen. The book measures 18” x 13” and the edition consists of sixty copies, of which fifty are for sale. (more…)

Recontextualizing the Found

On view from January 27, 2014, through March 25, 2014

at Anya and Andrew Shiva Gallery

There is a rich history in art of removing an object or material from its intended context and placing it into one that is art specific. This recontextualizing of the everyday or the “found” has been a central strategy for many artists since its advent in Synthetic Cubism. Equally, a tangential tradition of using the found lives in non-traditional artistic production alongside that of the fine arts and the academy. Be it outsider art, naïve or folk art, or art that is not part of an established traditional canon, artists who work in these arenas have always looked to their immediate environment for their means of expression. The use of the found is fundamental to the entire mode of production for such artists and has been in play long before Picasso and Braque took their leap into the real. The ongoing aesthetic exchange between each of these traditions has enhanced the creative possibilities for all artists. 


War Zone Home

On view from November 4, 2013, through January 17, 2014

President’s Gallery

From 1960 when the crime rate was 3,384,200 for a population of 179,323,175 it has risen to 10,914,040 in a population of 13,914,902. From our public High Schools and Universities to the Movie Theater killings at Aurora, Colorado, where 12 innocent people were killed, and to the 32 Virginia Tech shootings we have witnessed an abundance of violent deaths in our country. It a particularly senseless act when perpetuated upon children as it was at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. (more…)