Artist Bios

Jaime Lauriano

Jaime Lauriano’s works synthesize the content of his research and formalization strategies, calling us to examine the structures of power involved in the production of history. In audiovisual pieces, objects and critical texts, Lauriano shows how violent relations maintained between the institutions of power and State control – such as the police, prisons, embassies, borders Read More »

Antonio Manuel

 Covertly political in nature, Antonio Manuel’s work often arises out of the restrictions imposed by military rule and censorship in the 1960s and 70s and constitute a denial of such restriction. Partly as a consequence of the socio-political environment, partly as a creative strategy, he has worked in the interstices of cultural dissemination appropriating imagery Read More »

Arjan Martins

Arjan Martins Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1960, Arjan Martins began his artistic studies in the 1990s at the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage where he developed the pictorial technique, through which he now addresses issues of the African diaspora and Afro-Atlantic migrations that occurred in the colonial period in Brazil. In Read More »

Virginia de Medeiros

Virginia de Medeiros’ work centers on documentary strategies, as a means to transgress mainstream accounts and question the boundaries between reality and fiction. The artist deals with three themes within the field of art and documentary: dislocation, participation, and fabulation. Adapting documentary images and lived accounts, she employs the latter for subjective and conceptual use Read More »