Artist Bios

Hudinilson Jr.

Hudinilson Jr. was one of the most important Brazilian artists of his generation, influencing the entire Brazilian artistic scene, not only through his personal work – produced between the 70s and 2000s – but also because of his active role as a catalyzing personality of artist groups and experimental exhibitions. Photocopy – the technique that Read More »

Clara Ianni

Clara Ianni (b.1987, São Paulo) is based in São Paulo. Her practice investigates the relationship between power, history and space in the current context of globalized capitalism. Her exhibitions include “Utopia/Distopia – part I”, MAAT Lisbon, Portugal (2017), Talking to Action / Hablar y Actuar, Los Angeles, EUA (2017), Jakarta Bienal (2015), 31st São Paulo Read More »

Eduardo Kac

Eduardo Kac (Rio de Janeiro, 1962) began his artistic career at 18 with his Pornogram series, which merged poetry, photography, performance and body politics. He has since focused on telepresence and bio art. His works integrate robotics, biology and networking to explore the fluidity of subject positions in the post-digital world. Kac’s work has been Read More »

Randolpho Lamonier

From the industrial suburbs of his hometown to major cities, Randolpho Lamonier develops his visual research using many different media and processes. His work brings together an accumulation of elements and gestures which reflect upon the construction of individual and collective identities. The interweaving between intimacy and public matters articulates the micro and macro politics, Read More »