Artist Bios

Sonia Andrade

 A pioneer of video art in the 1970s, Sonia Andrade’s career spans mail art, drawing, photography and installation. Her work exists outside the rules of the market and the prevailing system of Brazilian art from that period. Her experimental videos place the body at the center of the action, constructed in direct relation to television Read More »

Maria Thereza Alves

Maria Thereza Alves has worked and exhibited internationally since the 1980s, creating a body of work that investigates the histories and circumstances of particular localities to give witness to silenced histories. Her projects are research-based and develop out of her interactions with the physical and social environments of the places she lives, or visits for Read More »

Marcelo Amorim

Marcelo Amorim collects and re-appropriates images, using them as a starting point to produce drawings, paintings and videos. Taken from private collections, manuals, school books, social media, amongst others, the images come from various different sources and seem to have been produced in a distant past. Through montage and transpositions, the artist makes room for Read More »

Rafael BQueer

Rafael BQueer lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. BQueer graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts from the Federal University of Pará (UFPA). His work transits through different languages ​​such as performance, video, photography, among other practices and from investigations on the body, decoloniality, gender, and sexuality. He participated in several residencies and exhibitions, Read More »