Artist Bios

Abdualmalik (Alrahabi) Abud

Abdualmalik (Alrahabi) Abud, originally from Yemen, was detained at Guantánamo for almost 15 years before being released to Montenegro in 2016. He began creating art during his last years at Guantánamo. Whenever he thought of his wife and daughter, he would begin to draw, in order to forget that he was imprisoned. He frequently drew

Khalid Qasim

Khalid Qasim, originally from Yemen, has been detained at Guantánamo for over 15 years. He frequently experiments with the limited range of artistic materials Guantánamo affords; he has painted in coffee and on sand and gravel gathered from the prisoners’ exercise yard, and has created sculpture from various discarded materials, including MRE boxes.

Ahmed Rabbani

Ahmed Rabbani, a citizen of Pakistan, has been detained at Guantánamo for over 12 years (after having being previously detained by the CIA for two years). His paintings of empty glasses and tables set for tea, but with empty chairs and plates, can be read both as memories of his absent family and as references

Djamel Ameziane

Djamel Ameziane, a refugee from Algeria, was detained in Guantánamo Bay from 2002 until 2013. He created most of his artwork between March 2009 and June 2011 as he waited out the five years from when he was cleared for release in 2008 and when he was finally transferred to Algeria in 2013.